Hazmat Emergency Contact: 1-800-262-8200
Ticket Information

Ordering Tickets

The Everett Railroad does not handle direct sales of tickets to our train riders. Those interested in riding should contact the organization handling the event. See below for more information.

Tickets for Horseshoe Curve Chapter, National Railway Historical Society excursions

Tickets for trains run by the Horseshoe Curve Chapter are available by contacting chapter members after 6:00 pm:

Dick Charlesworth (814) 224-5141 or Virginia Seidel (814) 943-5321 or by ordering on-line www.railroadcity.com.

Walk-ups and Last-Minute Reservations

The availability of walk-up seating and ability to accommodate last-minute reservations cannot be guaranteed. The decision to do so falls upon the organization operating the excursion.


Refunds on unused tickets is at the discretion of the organization responsible for that excursion's ticket sales. If you cannot guarantee that you will be able to attend, please contact the organization ahead of time to determine if a refund will be available.