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Legal and real estate agreements

Everett Railroad Company

Right of Entry – Crossing Agreements – Real Estate Licenses


Contractors whose operations require entry onto railroad property must furnish evidence of insurance that complies with the requirements as detailed here (linked document). No work may take place on railroad property without our express written consent and in full compliance with any stated terms and conditions. Any activities that involve fouling track must be in compliance with Roadway Worker Protection rules.   If railroad flagmen are required, contractor will be responsible for such costs. Contact our office to discuss your project and arrange access.

Pipelines – Overhead Wires – Crossings at Grade

All underground, overhead, or at grade occupations are subject to license agreements and annual rental fees. Please contact our office with your specific needs, including location, size and type of occupation, and proposed construction method. An application fee is required. No work may proceed until a fully executed license agreement is in place and all involved contractors are in compliance with insurance requirements and railroad safety rules. Overhead occupations must comply with railroad clearances and underground occupations must be of sufficient depth with approved casing. All occupations under tracks must be installed by boring. Application for overhead wire occupations can be downloaded at this link.

Real Estate

For any other right-of-entry request or other real estate needs, please contact our office.

Side Tracks

A fully executed side track agreement must be in place for our equipment to operate on private sidings.